With more than 20 years production experience spanning a variety of different platforms and sectors, Sean works alongside a hand-picked team of broadcast researchers, writers, sound designers, producers, presenters and voice over talent.

Together, they can advise and deliver results throughout every stage of the creative process – from concept development, scripting and casting, right through to studio production, content deployment and distribution.

Combining a first-hand knowledge of listener expectations with a sound understanding of brand sensitivities, Sean and his team can help you reach and talk to your target audience – ensuring that your message always remains engaging, relevant and clear.

Contact Sean today for more information or to discuss a specific project.

“Sean is a gifted communicator with rare creativity. He’s proven his talent time and time again. He understands instinctively what audiences want and how they’ll react because of his huge experience.”


Rory McLeod

Content Partner, CleverContent

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